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Roadmap, are you ready?
April 26, 2021
As Samuel Beckett once said…
January 5, 2022

Summer is here, I know the great British weather does not always reflect that! Many of the COVID restrictions have now been eased and travel is starting to open up; importantly we are able to connect with family and friends again.

Connections are so key to our wellbeing and whilst the virtual interactions have been a lifeline when we had no other means of contact, personally I think ‘real’ connections are essential. Not everyone feels that way though and we should respect that and not lose sight of the fact that the last 18 months has undoubtedly resulted in many people having social anxieties.

I have been able to return to some face-to-face meetings fortunately and I’m thrilled to be scoping out a training day with a local Charity, I have definitely missed delivering training.

It’s also great to get back in the fitness studio with my workout buddies. I expect I am not the only one who had a few lockdown pounds to shift, and thanks to a 28-day health and fitness challenge and some self-motivation I’m back on form!

I am still volunteering at the COVID vaccine centre at the weekends and it’s interesting to see the shifting age profile coming through.

I have also joined Dorset Chamber of Commerce and really enjoyed the events so far including the Business Transformation workshop with former Sunseeker and Lotus Cars CEO, Phil Popham, which gave me some useful tools to run my business more effectively. It is very easy to carry on ‘doing the do’ and to lose sight of ‘managing’; I cover this in my Introduction to People Management course.

I am supporting businesses with their post-COVID recovery plans, which includes staff returning to the office, hybrid working and new practices and processes. Some businesses are reorganising and although there are some redundancies, it’s good to see businesses expanding too; I am coaching managers through this, as well as providing the documents, tools and procedures.

Holidays are a hot topic, it is quite a challenge to navigate the balance of giving staff a break, whilst also maintaining business demands and dealing with the potential of extended leave requests due to self-isolation.

Long COVID is also now starting to emerge, if staff have been impacted for a year it is likely to be covered by the Equality Act; and menopause is also a consideration in wellbeing discussions. I am pleased to see Equality and Diversity now really being integrated into business strategy; if you need any support or guidance let me know.

So much of what I do is about helping organisations to mitigate risk, because the cost of getting it wrong can be expensive, financially, reputationally and have an impact on manager’s mental health. This can’t be underestimated, so please reach out for independent professional advice.

I really value feedback and it was so rewarding to receive this from a new client recently ‘thank you for bringing professionalism and perspective to a very tricky situation and for allowing us to learn and move forward positively’.

I will leave you with this thought; ’Believe you can and you are halfway there’ – Theodore Roosevelt

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