Roadmap, are you ready?

January 13, 2021
Every Summer has a Story
August 10, 2021

Spring is in the air and we have a roadmap out of the pandemic; and it’s great to see so many local businesses open again, I enjoy shopping local. The vaccination programme is also a real success, and I am also proud to say that I’m a volunteer marshal at my local vaccination centre, which is a brilliant facility with such dedicated teams. It just shows how agile organisations can be in setting up facilities and teams, in the face of diversity this is a huge achievement. Credit to the NHS.

As organisations bring staff back into the workplace is it time for a Spring clean of employment contracts and policies to ensure that they are still fit for purpose and have you included statutory changes introduced in April 2020 and 2021? No need to get bogged down in the detail, I can help! I’m working with businesses to reposition their employee proposition to ensure that new working practices are reflected and employee wellbeing is included.

How we react to situations is fundamental, there will always be challenges at work and home; the difference is often not what we do but how we do it. Behaviour breeds behaviour and sometimes we need to walk away rather than be confrontational. Believing in yourself and your teams is also important, learn from mistakes and lead with a positive attitude. Even the difficult conversations can be delivered confidently and should always be respectful. I cover this in my Management Development programme.

Sadly, we are seeing some disgruntled employees and employment tribunal claims are on the increase. Employees do not need to leave your organisation before making a claim. Many Tribunal claims are lost simply due to lack of procedure, even where the reason employees are dismissed is fair, if correct procedure was not followed this can lose you the case (frustrating I know!) so having the right policies and processes in place and following them is essential to mitigate the risks to your business, getting caught out will be costly and time consuming.

Now that we are on the road again, let’s check in on our teams and colleagues to see how we are feeling, our mental health has never been so important, stay well and keep positive; and together we will nurture and grow.

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