Changing Seasons
November 12, 2020
Roadmap, are you ready?
April 26, 2021

2021 has greeted us with Brexit and lockdown 3, the good news is we now have a COVID19 vaccine! So, health and wellbeing continues to be fundamental for us all, both personally and professionally; whether you are juggling home-working and home-schooling or doing your best to stay safe travelling to work, please look after your own wellbeing and those around you and don’t lose sight of your achievements and development.

I am feeling grateful for all I have and hopeful for a positive year; I did some charity work on Christmas Day and one of my intentions for this year is to increase my local charity contribution.

I love the variety in my work, in the last quarter I completed salary benchmarking, delivered management development training, carried out an investigation and supported employee relations cases and redundancy consultations, as well as doing an employment contract review and compiling a staff handbook. They say that variety is the spice of life, and spice may be limited with the pandemic restrictions, so if this is my spice, I’ll take it, thank you!

2020 changed the way we work and has given us the resilience to adapt and innovate. Everything happens for a reason; and whilst we cannot underestimate the personal suffering, loss and impact on mental health we should also be proud, just getting through the last 12 months has been no mean feat. I have personally felt the isolation and I know that 2020 has changed my outlook on life.

Monday 18th January is Blue Monday, let’s reverse that this year and celebrate our Blue Light colleagues and give a big shout out to all our key workers, huge gratitude to you all!

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